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Omnicraft is the exclusive non-Ford/Lincoln parts brand of premium aftermarket parts. With over a century of parts heritage to build upon, Omnicraft provides excellent quality and fit and is a preferred choice of professional automotive technicians. Omnicraft is designed and developed by Ford Motor Company.

Introducing the Omnicraft All Makes Battery Range

  • Covering an extensive range of model applications suited to passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy trucks.
  • Manufactured to high standards utilizing flooded lead acid technology, delivering optimum power and low maintenance required.
  • Designed and manufactured to deliver dependable and long-lasting performance.

The Omnicraft Advantage

Free installation when purchased and serviced at your nearest Laos Quick Lane store. Available for most vehicles on the road at a competitive price.
Omnicraft offers precision manufactured components that can last for a long life.
It is approved and backed by Ford Motor Company.

Omnicraft Brake Pad Features

Friction material matched for vehicle usage:

  • NAO pads are formulated for:
    • Gentle to brake rotors.
    • Quiet and low dusting braking performance.
  • Semi-metallic pads are formulated for:
    • High heat absorption that can pull heat out of the braking system.
    • Consistent braking performance with excellent cold bite.
  • Engineered for reliable quality and stable performance.
  • Reliable vehicle braking power.
  • Manufactured with multiple alloys for optimum heat dissipation and extended brake life.
  • Mill-balanced for proper rotor function.
  • Precise machining tolerances to minimize brake shudder.

Omnicraft Oil Filter Features

Filter media provides high filtering capacity and strength and screens out abrasives to help prevent engine wear.
Large pressure-relief valves can help to maintain oil supply to the engine under extreme operating conditions**.
Bonded endplates help to keep consistent pleat spacing to enable efficient oil flow.
Perforated steel center tube provides internal support needed under pressure**.
Steel cases are “ironed” for a precise fit and fluted for easy removal**.

*Defect only, original purchaser and receipt required and Limited Lifetime will refer to the recommended service interval specified in owner manual by vehicle manufacturers.
*Not applicable on all models; specific part numbers only.

Omnicraft Air Filter Features

Omnicraft air filters are precision engineered to demanding standards to help ensure proper filtration.
It is made of multi-fiber, with high density media protecting against dust, dirt and soot.
It traps damaging debris and helps prevent engine wear.
It is designed to help enhance capacity and efficiency.
Its Pleat lock glue bead feature allows pleats to “lock” into place for consistent airflow and less restriction.
Embossed pleats and pleat stabilization beads help filter trap more dirt and last longer.

*Defect only, original purchaser and receipt required and Limited Lifetime will refer to the recommended service interval specified in owner manual by vehicle manufacturers.
*Not applicable on all models; specific part numbers only.

Omnicraft is Ford’s newest member of the Ford parts lineup, offering affordable, reliable parts, designed for non-Ford/Lincoln repairs. Omnicraft competes head-on with the major aftermarket companies in terms of price, quality and warranty coverage.

Warranty coverage in the aftermarket varies by product category. To put us in the most competitive position possible, we elected to match those warranties on a product-by-product basis. Omnicraft coverages are on par with, or better than, most of the aftermarkets in each category. This is a summary of warranty highlights.

Coverage Applications

The following cases may have time/mileage coverage other than what is normally offered under the service part warranty.


  • When a service part is replaced or exchanged under Service Parts Warranty, the replacement part assumes only the remaining, unexpired portion of the warranty of the original replacement part. The warranty period does not start over, nor is it extended with subsequent repairs.
  • Warranty claims for parts listed under Omnicraft Parts must have the appropriate Service Operation Code and the Service Installed Parts data entered on the SMS- Shop Management System and the data must be submitted to the Company via the SMS-Shop Management System.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited lifetime warranty covers specific Omnicraft products which fail to function due to defects in materials or workmanship, whilst the product is used normally and installed properly.

This warranty is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions provided below.

This warranty is valid only for the “Original Purchaser” of the product and may not be transferred. Refer to chart for specific components.

The “Original Purchaser” is the person who first purchased the product from a Quick Lane store. Original proof of purchase is required.

Warranty Limitations

Refer to the Omnicraft Parts chart for specific coverage.

Parts reimbursement requests must be supported by an appropriate operation code and clearly documented test results on the repair order.

All parts must be returned to the Quick Lane store with the claim submitted.

Requires original receipt and original owner (apply to Limited Lifetime Warranty).

NOTE: No coverage for customer abuse, damage due to modifications or the component installed improperly.

Maintenance/Wear Items

Parts Service Warranty is applicable to defects only. No coverage is available for concerns resulting from normal wear or maintenance.

Examples of non-warrantable maintenance conditions:

  • Oil filters, air filters – filter blockage as normal or heavy driving condition.
  • Brake pad/shoes – squealing noise occurs on the first (morning) brake application caused by humidity and low brake pad temperature.
  • Brake lining – disc pad/friction material wear.
  • Brake rotors/drums – surface rust, scoring/grooves as a result of normal use, resurfacing/replacement associated with brake pad service due to normal wear/maintenance.