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Laos Quick Lane

Quick Lane was established on December 11, 2013, in Laos.

Quick Lane It is a standard car repair service center Ready to take care of all brands of cars by professional and friendly technicians Be assured that you will receive quality products and services from an experienced team that has been tested and trained until the course Change the oil, filter, tires, check the brake system and suspension as a car battery and other services. Control over 14 groups.

Quick Lane with service for all car models with modern technology gives you peace of mind with a preliminary inspection of the car It is to check the various systems of the car every time you receive the service Customers can be assured that your vehicle will be in perfect condition and con- venient, fast, this is what every customer gets from our Quick Lane and we have multi-brand parts And we can take care of any vehicle make or model, using quality parts from trusted brands like Motorcraft®, Goodyear, Bridgestone, Continental, Michelin, and more.

Why life is easier in the Quick Lane?

Quick Lane employs factory-trained technicians to ensure complete proficiency with your vehicle and all of its operating systems. We utilize state-of-the art technologies and equipment to make certain your vehicle is served correctly. And we use Genuine quality parts and original equip- ment manufacturer on all vehicles to provide the highest quality performance.

  • The personal attention associated with independent repair facilities

  • Trusted, factory-trained technicians

  • State-of-the parts equipment

  • Competitive prices

  • The look and feel of an independent repair facility

  • Dedicated bays

  • Unique signage

  • Its own manager

  • Its own dedicated service technicians

  • Convenient hours of operation

Contact Us

Email: Sombath.b@laoquicklane.com

Tel: 020-2221 7143

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