How to maintain your air conditioner system

Air-conditioning Maintenance Tips

it is hard to overlook the comfort-enhancing function of the air-conditioning system in your car. But it is easier to miss the fat that the air-con also helps you drive safer. Thus, regular maintenance of your air conditioning system is not just a trival matter of comfort. It is crucial to your safety.

Here are some tips to keep your vehicular air-con in tip-top condition.
  1. The cabin filter prevents smells, dust, and other air-borne particles outside the car from reaching you. It should be replaced with a new one regularly, at least once a year or once at each servicing session. This helps ensure clean healthy air circulates in your vehicle.
  2. Make sure you leave the air conditioning system on for at least five to ten minutes per month. This maintains it in perfect working order even when you are not driving the car.
  3. To maintain your air-con system at peak condition, have the circuit charge checked by a workshop to ensure that there are no leaks and that the gas is recharged whenever needed.
  4. The condensation created by use of the air-con causes a drip under the vehicle when stopped. This is actually normal.
  5. If the air-con system failes to produce cool air, stop using it and contact your workshop for maintenance.
  6. The 'air conditioning treatment' eliminates odours and decimates the bacteria that cause sneezing, sore throats, etc inside your car. This is a highly effective, long-lasting treatment that is easy to apply and isntantly leaves your car with a fresh, pleasant smell.